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"Brave Love"

Prologue: Following is the third of three blog posts. See Brady's first and second posts if you missed them.

In June, we introduced our readers to Brady's grandmother (aka Yaya) through the post, Brady and Yaya: Timeless beauty needs no hair.

Yaya battled cancer. For a time, the prognosis was encouraging, but to everyone's devastation, cancer returned with a vengeance.

In the weeks before and after Yaya's passing, Brady had much to communicate.


Following Yaya's funeral and our return home, we had a check-in with Brady, courtesy of our facilitated communication coach.

Can you please tell us how are you feeling about Yaya?

breakdown inside daily. tears drop in heart not eyes. feel energy is low. mine low can feel that hers is gone. feel her hugs still miss her smile. too devastated for us. feel sad she is gone death hurts. yes. fighting to not be angry and accept.
have to type to heal. can write poem.

Following is what Brady then wrote ... on the spot.

breathe in peace you are healed exhale grief you are gone.
only my heart can see you now but my soul feels your love.
whispers of your voice linger in my memories breaking my heart in two.
but two makes sense representing one for me and one for you.
very fight to accept my loss but restore hope remembering the battle you won.
sadly our loss is heavens gain you are with the son.
free at last my lovely Yaya.

Can I please post on your blog what you wrote about Yaya?

yes say now words can very be shared she would want that.

Do you have anything you'd like to say to Pop?

are you ok? i can come visit. she loved you immense.
mom real tough finding letters when sad can please stop today.
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1 Comment

Lettie Skon
Nov 20, 2019

I just Love Brady! That poem is PERFECT and describes exactly how I felt when I lost my mother to ovarian cancer after a long and hard fought battle. I want to tell you Brady that time does help to heal your broken heart and dry up some of the tears. You too are so Brave and I want to be more like you!

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