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Often we receive inquiries from generous subscribers who would like to support the institutions that support Brady and his friends (thank you!).

Following is a short list of non-profit, tax-deductible organizations near and dear to our hearts that accept financial contributions.

Bridge Haven Academy


BridgeHaven Academy strives to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through developmentally appropriate and differentiated instruction that allows and encourages individual differences and learning styles.  We presume competence for all of our students and believe in their ability to communicate using a variety of methods to learn through meaningful academic content.​


Peace of Heart Community’s vision is to create an environment where a meaningfullife for persons with autism can be realized by fostering an atmosphere of love, happiness, and belonging where all life is valued, voices are heard, and talents are developed to make a difference in the world.

Peace of Heart Community
HEAL Foundation, Helping Enrich Autistic Lives


Helping Enrich Autistic Lives


The HEAL Foundation is a local nonprofit organization in Northeast Florida. HEAL
supports organizations, programs, camps, and schools which serve those with Autism
Spectrum Disorders in Northeast Florida. 


Since 2007, HEAL is proud to have awarded nearly $2 million dollars in grants.

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