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I am a better Brady from your love

In June, we introduced our readers to Brady’s grandmother (aka Yaya) through the post, "Brady and Yaya: Timeless beauty needs no hair."

Yaya had been battling cancer. For a time the prognosis was encouraging, but to everyone's devastation, cancer returned with a vengeance. Her doctors delivered the message no family wishes to hear: We had to prepare to say goodbye.

In the weeks before Yaya's passing, Brady had much to communicate. Following is the first of three blog posts that share what he experienced.

In this passage, Brady, like the rest of us, struggles to deal with the news.

Do you want to talk about Yaya?

yes. yaya i am heartbroken. fear life without her. find her peace is the most important. feel the heart of yaya love in all of us.

Do you want to ask a question about Yaya?

why does she have to die.

What do you want to say to Yaya?

dont go yaya. i see you in my dreams please. try time to video chat soon. free to fly sweet yaya the pain gone.

Brady, it’s okay to be sad or angry … and cry if you want.

tears in heart flow too often.

Closing thoughts?

i love you pop [Brady's grandfather] and mom. the world will not turn the same love you.

A week later, Brady asked to video chat with Yaya, who participated from a hospital bed. We thank our facilitated-communication coach, who helped Brady convey to Yaya his thoughts in real time. It was truly beautiful to witness their conversation. While, Yaya's phrases will remain private, following is what Brady said to her.

hi yaya you are beautiful. i love you more than sand in the sea. i am trying to tell you that you always make me feel special.
i am a better brady from your love. i am not able to talk [when I visit you later this week] so cherish my words.
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