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This is the journey of Brady: from his years of being a hostage of silence due to his autism and apraxia to finding his voice.


Brady wants to tell his story: helping inside to know i can share my story and save the others.


Through a method called Facilitated Communication and under the guidance of his coach, Morgan Tyner, Brady has broken out of his prison of silence.

Brady Wright Autistic Author Writer


Brady is a 15-year old young man on the autism spectrum. He is about 90% nonverbal due to a neuromotor disorder called apraxia. The neurons in his brain won’t communicate properly with the muscles in his mouth. It makes it very difficult to speak. He knows what has wants to say but physically can’t do it.


After 13 years of communicating through sign language, using pictures, approximations and app called Proloquo, we finally found a way for him to type his thoughts.


Through facilitated communication, his world has exploded! He is on a crusade to educate other nonverbal kids and tell his stories. We have discovered a brilliant, insightful young man in this prison we call autism.


Communicating with Autism
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