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Brady and Yaya: "Timeless beauty needs no hair"

From a series of Facebook posts I wrote last Fall about a challenging topic for everyone. Thankfully, my mom is now cancer free and looking good with her new silver hair!


We have recently found out my mom (YAYA) has ovarian cancer. Brady walked into the room when she told me and Brian.

This is a conversation about Brady’s feelings about her having cancer. He insisted on FaceTimeing her during our session.

Mom: Do you want to talk about yaya?

fear easy to have.

Any questions?

yes is she alive for long.

(Brian and I proceeded to explain to him about her having chemo and then surgery.)

Anything else?

yes real sad if shes not alive.

Anything you want to say to her?

yes you make me a happy boy to have us family id make the world turn for you.out of everyone she means most

How much do you want to know? (about her treatment, wellbeing and prognosis)

tell me all.

Want to change the subject?

need to talk about it.
tell me.
really right to help her good boy to give her a card yes

How do you feel?

brady is easy brady sad.
painful in heart must talk to yaya yes love yaya.

(We then connected Brady with his grandparents over FaceTime so he could type to Yaya the following ...)

to you live.yes want to say i love yes our special trips you are my heart.
real dont want you do sick.


The conversation about Yaya and her cancer went on for a few months. This is a conversation we had before a trip to South Florida to visit her.

really scared to see yaya. too fearful the sick looks different.

Would it help if she took a picture of herself with no hair?


Would you like to shave your head so you can be bald with Yaya?

yes. good idea. tell her im sorry for fear.
yes. yes bald together.

Would you like to go now and shave your head or wait till we get there?

yes. before. know she misses her hair timeless beauty needs no hair.
help her to very easy feel pretty.
tell her understand the process but still the change hard on sensory.

Are there any other changes besides the hair you are worried about?

skin color change smell of chemo radiates her going bed more.

I address his concerns

Do you think I can facilitate you when we are in South Florida?

too emotional. try my hardest.

After our session we headed straight to the barber shop

Brady and Yaya: Bald Together

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