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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! And Save the Date!

THANK YOU to all of Brady‘s supporters for making this book launch so amazingly successful! It has been quite the whirlwind the past couple of weeks.

HI and WELCOME to all our new subscribers.

So far we have sold hundreds of books across online retailers. Amazingly, when we launched on Amazon we were the #1 New Release in Disability Parenting!! Thank you, Jeff Johnson, for snapping this photo!

We just can't believe it. It was because of all of you that we did this!!

To our local subscribers, please save the date for a January 15 "Meet the Author and Artist" event at Peace Heart Community. Brady and Gentry will sign autographs, and we will talk about the evolution of the book and how Brady and Gentry collaborated to make this beautiful piece of art. You can also tour the farm and purchase products from their Farmer's Market. I will send out more details closer to the event.

We will also offer a large coffee table book in hardback. I'll let you know when it's available!

To our local subscribers, if you have yet to purchase the book for the signing and would like to buy it directly from us, please message me. Because of supply chain issues and shipping delays, I will need all orders by January 3 to have them available for the signing event on the 15th. The books cost $15 each. We will distribute them at the event.

We do have a favor to ask those who have already purchased the book. Would you PLEASE write a review on the retail site you bought it from? Below are some wonderful reviews that have already been posted.


I have been so overwhelmed with getting the book finished and published that we have fallen behind with our blog post and answering the questions that have been asked. I apologize!

Here is a challenge issued to Brady from Dotty, one of our most loyal followers! Thank you for pushing Brady to expand his poetry and writing!

I have just learned about a new way of writing, new to me at least. It is called the six word novel. I think not all of the writings are novels, but they are all complete in six words.

I thought of you after I found out about this. You can check it out online under 'six word novels'. There are several sites that might be of interest. Ever since I learned about it, it seems I am thinking in six words. Here are two I wrote on the pandemic.

No children. No grandchildren. Only husband.

Blue sky Gold sun Pandemic forgotten.

Try your hand at it, and read some of the ones posted online. There is even a book being published of students' writings from many schools, written during the pandemic. I always enjoy reading your blogs and poems, and just keeping up with your activities. I ordered a shirt from your store, and so am excited to get it!

Here is what Brady wrote in response to the challenge:

1) filled my heart with good hope.
2) friends are your hope through life.
3) hard days.doors that are locked.

And now, a conversation between Brady and his facilitator, Hope.

Do you like these types of poems?


What about them do you like?

simple and deep.

Do you want to write more?

4) sometimes i dont feel the hope.
5) dream.find good breath.deep chest.
6) poems tell my friends my story.
7) good. honest. brave. funny. nice. me.

Why are poems so important to you?

I think that they help me to get a grip because I just have a lot of thoughts.

Would you say poetry is for everyone when trying to get their thoughts out or is it just for a select few?

feel like a few people.hope many.

If someone is struggling would you recommend them to try and write a poem? will help turn their words into truths.

The cool thing about poems is you don't have to actually say what is going on, but still get your feelings across.

really good idea.sometimes i dont want to fully share my thoughts.

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