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Happy Heavenly Birthday Yaya

Today would have been our Yaya’s 78th birthday. Even though her life was cut to short, she always lived life to the fullest. Evidently, Yaya has been on Brady’s mind lately. Whether its because of her birthday, the anniversary her death or he just missed her, he brought her up in typing a few weeks ago. (Brady has given permission to post this.)

What are you doing tonight?
”Talking to Grandma”
Which Grandma?( We call Mom’s Mom YaYa and Dad’s Mom Grammie)
How do you talk to her?
”I Pray”
What do you talk to Yaya about when you talk to her?
Tell her that I miss her. That up there I will someday see her again. Does she hear me and good things in my life? You’ve been very missed by everyone.

We asked Brady to write a poem or memory of Maya. He decided to write he a letter instead.

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