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Echolalia and Communication

I live with friends who have a bunch of autistic kids. One is an adult young woman who can talk but it's almost all echolalia. She can ask for some concrete thing she wants like a certain food or to go to a certain place. But mostly it's phrases someone said to her, or something from a commercial. It would be great to know how she is feeling or what she means when she says certain phrases that don't seem related. What advice do you have for communicating better with her? yes.happy.yes.I think that she is happy or excited. When I watch my iPad or videos I feel excited. To repeat things yes she cant help. Sometimes the loop gets us stuck. Sometimes our brains work a bit different.

What about when she says certain phrases that dont relate?

Don't just ignore her but understand she cant fully control it.

What advice do you have for better communication?

Communication is solely important. I use facilitated communication but there are a few different options for her.

Do you want to ask her a question?

yes. do you know any sign language? Think it could be hopeful to learn together easily.

To learn more about Facilitated Communication please contact BridgeHaven Communication Clinic


Real Days

Really really very much believe my best day is very close
I believe that my time brings me closer everyday
Each day I imagine dreams
Dreams turn into reality
Beat reality into good life and goals
My best day knowing I have accomplished my goals
Hope fules me to strive

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