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When you observe someone (not all, but some) with Autism, you notice they are in constant motion. Sometimes it's their entire body or an isolated movement with their hands, fingers legs...

When they do something over and over again, they are doing something termed Stimming. According to Medical News Today,

Some theories suggest that stimming may counteract a lack of sensitivity by stimulating the sensory system. Others suggest that stimming may have a calming effect, focusing attention away from an overwhelming experience. Stimming behaviors can provide comfort to autistic people.

Brady has numerous stims he utilizes to help self-regulate. He often hums to himself, watches videos over and over about an activity he is doing (getting a hair cut, going to the doctor, dentist), bounces his legs. But, the stim that is the most effective is swinging on a swing. The back and forth, the pumping of his legs, the feel of the breeze on his body - all of these give him a sense of calm and safety.

During quarantine, Brady was on the swing in our backyard often. So much so, we had to set time parameters or he would have been on there for hours. Because of the quarantine, having someone to facilitate with him was difficult. But when he was able to type, he often spoke of how swinging was his safe place.

When I feel I'm Swinging
Going outside, (swinging) helps me when I start to get scared
Title: Safety
Swinging is suiting.
Swing very clearing.
Frees me from my good boredom.
Makes my body come down.
Body Alien without the swing.
Swinging makes me feel good.
Need to go very high

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Feb 11, 2021

Brady! My heart is overflowing with joy and pride in seeing your blog and reading your words. I love your poetry. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I stumbled across the book “Brown Bear” a little while ago, and smiled as I thought of how we read and signed that book together all those years ago. I loved getting to spend time with you, you made each day so special to me. I called you my “favorite boy” then, do you remember? Though of course you are a man now! You have since always held such a special place in my heart. And I think of you and pray for you often. I’m so happy to know…


Robyn Rhoads
Jul 12, 2020

Brady, you are welcome to come to the new playground at Redeemer and swing. I’m so thankful that swinging is good for you!


Janet Weins
Jul 11, 2020

My calming things are playing solitaire on the computer or doing Sudoko. Can you tell I like numbers? I have to concentrate for both so it calms my brain. We all need something to engage and calm us.

Janet Weins


Rosa Laboda
Jul 09, 2020

Brady at this point in the pandemic I think we all could use a good time out on the swing. You made it very clear how the swing helps you to relax. When I was younger swinging was my favorite thing to do. I loved singing while I was on the swing. Thank you for reminding me of my favorite activity. Love, Rosa ❤️

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