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Brady’s First Live-streaming Event this Tuesday, February 11 at 4:30 pm EST

Hello, Everyone —

Brady has two topics he’s passionate to share with you, his blog family.

First, it turns out Brady is a poet! He has been writing for months but wanted to keep it a secret ... until now. (Keep a lookout for new poems to publish on his blog,

Second, he wants to demonstrate the answer to a question that is on so many of your minds: “How does he type?”

Please join us this Tuesday for a Facebook Live event,@hostagetosilence, where Brady will type with the assistance of a trained facilitator. He’ll discuss his poetry, his typing process, and try to field your questions, which you can type live during the stream.

We are all excited about our first Live event. Bear with us while we stumble through the process. We’ll keep it to 20-30 minutes, and hopefully discover that this is helpful and interesting to you. If so, we’ll do more!

See you on Tuesday,

Brady’s Mom and Dad

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2 Komentar

Janet Wright
11 Feb 2020

‘Loved your poetry, Brady! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talent with Us.


David Hopkins
09 Feb 2020

looking forward to it Brady

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