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Stopping the madness of mind...

My 20 year old with autism, likes to listen to his music on his headphones. He really likes to repeat the same piece of music over and over and over again. I know it must give him some sort of satisfaction by the repetition. I was wonder if you might know why he likes to do it. I wonder what he is thinking when he hears the same part over and over. Do you like repetition, and if so, why?

brady normally loops clips of music and movies to drown out the world hoping the madness of mind stops.

He also gets very upset and anxious when his routine changes. I understand that routine is important to everyone, but things aren’t always the same. Does this effect you? If so, how do you feel when your schedule changes? Can you think of anything I can do to make the change easier for him?

i am ok with change but i struggle when i cant do what i want im not being a brat i get stuck in expectations. try showing him a calendar or making small changes.

Why do so may people with autism like to watch cartoons and shows that are for younger children?

the animation stimuli wires our brain to keep watching even when we dont want to.

Do you like to watch the kiddie shows like Calliou, Telletubbies...?

no but my eyes do

Would you like me to stop you when you watch these shows?

help, not watch is hard.

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