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School troubles

tori: the teachers are having some trouble with typing every now and then and allyson is struggling a little. and you have asked to just keep practicing. which they try every day as you know. i feel like there might be a little more to it. can you give me any other feelings or input?

brady: to have beter understanding of my body. you know what to look for.need more practice.yes. realy nervous when typing with teacher no they understand my body.but nervous each going to trust my brain.

tori: why do you think that is? brady: others never have before.

tori: that makes sense i understand that can put a road block in your way. those feelings from the past are hard I'm sure. your teachers here will always trust your brain.

brady: trusting you is hard.yes.

tori: who is you? brady: teachers.yes.

tori: do you have more to communicate on the subject? brady: that good teachers.are here.its more my past that gets in the way.making me nervous.i need to work on my hurt.from past school.

tori: anything else? brady: need mom to know.that i truely get the reason school got to be the boss knowing everything was

Mom: please explain further, about what you want Mom to know

Brady: teachers never saw real brady.

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