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Please Talk to me

Q:Hi Brady ! So many times I see you and want to tell or ask you things . For instance , I loved your family’s pictures from your California trip. However , I’m afraid I’ll only frustrate you if you aren’t able to respond . . The last thing I’d ever want to do is get on your nerves ! So happy you have this blog now ! I want to hear all about your summer.

A:always talk to me i want that i see questions as hard but love to become one with group.

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Shirley Wolf
May 23, 2019

Hi Brady, I am also a long time friend of your Grandmother Yvonne. We have been friends for over 40 years. I love her so much and boy does she Love you. I’m so proud and excited for your new found freedom to communicate. I can’t imagine how it’s changing your life. I’ve known your Mom since she was a little girl. You’re blessed with a wonderful caring family. Until next time.


Janet Weins
May 22, 2019

Brady, I am a friend of your grandmother's. I cried when she told me you found a way to type and communicate your thoughts. When people can't see inside of us through some pathway of communication we don't know what to think. I am so happy you can now tell us your thoughts and we can get to know you. it will help us understand you and autism more.

I love watching The Good Doctor. It helped me realize having a problem in one area doesn't affect a persons whole thinking process and how intelligent those with autism are. It is easy to see when someone has a physical disability that there are many things that person can still accomplish.

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