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My Brain is a library of words

Hi Brady, I have been best friends with your Ya Ya for about 40 years. I just want you to know how excited and happy I am for you and what you have accomplished. I think you have a great gift to help many people who are affected by autism. I wonder did you ever anticipated that you would one day be able to communicate so beautifully? You have a wonderful vocabulary and I am curious how you were able to hold on to these words without being able to use them until now?

yaya is lucky to have good friend. my brain is a library of words i have thought would go lifeless for years. i catalog every word ive seen and heard. now i free them liberally. How do you catelogue the words? i sort by themes to train myself context. thank you for reading and having care about Yaya.
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12 sept 2019

I am praying very hard for YaYa. I want her to be well so badly!!!! Love you, love Payton , love your MOM AND DAD TOO‼️

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