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Hi, everyone. Hostage to Silence is back!

We have missed posting to our blog over the past months. Brady is so relieved that he is back. Working on his blog and book is very therapeutic for him, as is being able to connect with you. It is also so rewarding for his mom and dad. We love being reminded of what an amazing and fascinating mind he has.

Good things have been going on.

Home life changed in doing more things together.

Home just makes us safe.

I have been at the church during school.

Help the church slip papers in the books.

It is very rewarding to have a job.

Have been to Daytona to see good race.

Dare to get germy. Hand sanitize. (social distancing and wearing facemasks)

Does anyone have any questions for my blog?

Good to talk to all of you.

Dream to talk to you soon.

Below is a conversation Brady (B) had with his teacher (H) about working at Christ the Redeemer Church for his school's work-study program.

H: mom was wondering about your job, what do you think about it


H:whats awesome, what do you do/like

B:doing some work for the church.

H:what things do you do

B:everything.friends.filings. shredding.

H:anything else so far i know you just started back

B:yes.walk right.don't don't do some bad.

H:so you have you walk right and do good when you are working

B: don't do bad

H:do you enjoy working

B:yes just happy.

Brady really enjoys working at the church. But, as you read, he puts a of pressure on himself. He is quite the perfectionist. Often, it's hard for him to try new and difficult things because he feels there is a chance of failure. In his mind, sometimes it's safer not to do something so you won't fail. But with urging and guidance from his family and amazing teachers, he's willing to give it a try.

He has been doing so well that the church has requested he work more days!! Yeah, Brady!!

Here is an unnamed poem Brady recently wrote:

dreamed of being the good guy hoping for the choice.

forcing hope to forgive very good brady.

coming forth thinking hope feels close to the same.

story very much ends the same.

dreams the real brady.

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2 commentaires

Laura Crosby
20 févr. 2021

Hi Brady, this is Laroo! I'm so happy you are writing and sharing with us again. My house needs advice... What are some fun things to do at home with 2 teenage boys? 😁❤️


20 févr. 2021

Hi Brady. My name is Suzanne and I went to college with your mom!

I have a son who is 16. He is sometimes afraid to try new things because he does not want to fail. Do you have any advice that I could give him to try new things?

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