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HEAL Surf Camp

Hi Brady. I’m not sure if you remember me or not from surf camp last year. I went to college with your mom and I hung out with a bit at last year’s HEAL's surf camp... we caught a few waves together. Anyhow, this year’s camp is coming up. I have very little experience with autism besides our interaction. What advice do you have for people that don’t know much about autism but come out to participate in the HEAL surf camp. Do’s and Dont’s or just general suggestions. Thanks Brady... I have been amazed at your writing and super excited that you started this blog! See ya in a few weeks at the beach!

great question ive longed to answer to create understanding. all we want is to be treated normal. if you do you are autism expert. you can learn in short time what each individual likes and dislikes to have boundaries in mind. do look forward to seeing


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