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He has autism... he’s not stupid!

In our society if you don't speak english very well or at all you are deemed stupid, uneducable, worthless. Just ask any immigrant living in a new country.

Add to that a body that doesn't obey the mind, a sensory system that is on overload, and a brain that doesn't process auditory messages quickly... that is a recipe for disaster. In another word STUPID.

I believe this is one of the biggest struggles for ASD kids. I know it is for Brady. This is a running theme for him since we started.

In our 2nd session with Morgan, Brian joined us. After our 1st session I kinda flipped! He wanted to see what this was all about. Brady had a very difficult time typing with him in the room. There is so much emotion involved and doing it in front of Dad was very difficult for him. Brian had to step out for a second, when he did Brady finally started typing.

We asked if he wanted Dad to leave, this was his response:

“no, just can see me smart”. 11/20/17

needless to say there were tears for everyone.


Morgan led with a statement : One part of my lifeI enjoy is:

”going to good busy knowledge of forging real smart”

As the session went on she asked what he wanted to talk about.

He answered “Geography is too easy.”  Anything else?  “I am testing for baby.  baby stuff is easy.”  I am unsure what he is referring to, this was not discussed in our session prior to him mentioning academic subjects.  Asked if he was referring to home or school: “both”

We shared this info with his teacher, she immediately started testing him at a higher level, got rid of all PECS and used words only.We really lucked out with an amazing teacher that worked with Brady and made school more challenging.

There are many more examples but I think you get the drift.

In his new schoool, BridgeHaven Academy he is now taught and tested regular curriculum. His last report card he had all As and 2 Bs

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