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Hey, everyone. It‘s been awhile and I apologize. We have been busy working on the book!! SO excited. It goes to the editor on Monday, then the designer on the 13th. We are looking to be on track for a late November publication!! Fingers Crossed!!

Today’s post we would like to share a couple poems Brady has written then a request from Brady.

This first poem Brady wrote to his girlfriend, Taylor. She’s been out of town on vacation with her family and I believe he is missing her.


Doorway to my soul.
Really keeps my bored head busy.
For a fond room full of her vivid hope needs filmed.
It would create a beautiful movie.
I sing the chance to be the great star.
The image full of vibrant color.
Face of a great hopefull girl wishing to breathe fresh air.
Good good night realm.
I’ll dream of you.

The Two

Everyday I either know good Brady or bad.
Good Brady knows his head.
Bad Brady has no control.
Good Brady's head knows me.
Good Brady's heart is full of hope.
Bad Brady makes very bad choices.
He doesn't fight good Brady because he always wins.
He takes over my mind and body.
Who am I today.
Who comes out tomorrow.

The Ending

Dream that I am really fooled by my real hopes.
Real life Brady types the truth for you to read.
All my words seem to be the truth.
Hope you can see.
Free to see a door into the life of Brady.
You can really just read bBrady's life on some fine pages.
You can see that I'm too new.
Really just a boy trying to fight this ending.
Hopeless ending called autism.

Brady question to his followers

Huge hi to all my friends. Normally I have a comment to reply to. I wondered if anyone had any real questions for me. Does some of you need any help?

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