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Freedom for Me

forget the fear you have.
break free to find hope.
find the time to go outside.
hope is going to bring friends back together.
there still is time to appreciate some of the quiet.
dont feel lost.
some of us might but we are in this together.
going outside helps me when i start to get scared.
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Shirley Wolf
Feb 24, 2021

Brady, it's so good to see your pictures and read your beautiful poems you share with us. You are so insightful and have much to teach all of us. You are blessed with amazing parents and your sweet sister. Keep up the good work and love your Blog. My question is. What is your favorite outdoor activity and what is your favorite indoor activity?


May 02, 2020

Very well said, Brady. I do the same by going outside and listening to the wind chimes and watch the egrets on the lake. I like the quiet but I miss my friends.

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