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Do you like to watch sports?

Do you like to watch sports?

i watch everything even when it doesnt seem like it.

What is your favorite sport?

Golf. really love the calm energy of golf.

You really love Nascar. I'm surprised you didn't say that.

not same.

Do you have a favorite golfer you root for?

Why Justin? Anything specific?

No, reason. just like him

Do you ever want to try sports?

yes if body could. sports i want to play golf ,tennis.

Did you say golf and tennis because you really want to do it or because Mom and Dad play?

with you.


The HEAL Foundation is putting on a golf clinic this summer! We are going to hit the range to practice!

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Yvonne Bachman
Jun 14, 2019

Brady, I played team tennis for 30 years. I loved tennis. Love, YAYA


Jun 14, 2019

Justin Rose....good choice

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