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Autism and friendship

Updated: May 13, 2019

“Scientists” and Autism “professionals” say that ASD kids can‘t connect on a social and/or emotional level. That they don't have the capacity to make or maintain relationships.

Well, let me tell you about Brady and his best friend, Jacob. I have never seen such an instant connection between two people, ASD or neurotypical, than when Brady and Jacob first met.

We decided to try a new “support group” at a local church that specializes with ASD kiddos and Facilitated Communication called Special Nation. Here the kids were allowed roam around, make noises, flap, spin, you know, be themselves. No one judges them, shushes them or makes them sit still.

Brady sat down on one of the couches and proceeded to play Temple Run. Next thing you know, a kid (Jacob) sat down beside him, put his arm around his shoulders and hung out for about 30 min. I thought nothing of it until the Moms around me started to freak out a little. What I didn't know was that Jacob doesn't do that, EVER! Doesn't like to sit still, be touched, touch anyone... so, yeah, this was a BIG DEAL!!!

The next day, Brady typed this: ”have very best friend big guy to have over in house” 11/30/17

WOW!! I was in tears! Jacob was (I think) the 1st real friend Brady made by himself that wasn't a friend's kid or a buddy he'd hung out with.

Little did I know, that night Jacob typed this: ”my new friend Brady is pretty cool”

WOW! Just WOW! And because of them I have a new friend, too, Jacob‘s mom, Lynn.

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