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  • Hostage to Silence

A tough one but important

(This question submitted by Brady's cousins was a very difficult one for Brady. It took a couple sessions, tears and a lot deep breaths from him and those who were present, to get him to answer. But, he knew how important this question was needed to answered)

How hard has it been not being able to speak?

good to hear from dear friends but even better from family. necessary to tell you that being trapped is going against the way humans were designed to be. it is isolating and creates perception we have no want or need for human interaction which is all we wish for. getting your email tells me you honestly see through autism and made me smile in heart. love cousin brady.

Carter,Taylor,Tucker and Brady at Winterpark,Co

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1 commento

David Hopkins
02 giu 2019

Brady you are in inspiration! and here's my you like to watch sports on TV and if so which ones?

Mi piace
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