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A Few Questions Answered

Greetings to all!

Brady received several great questions from his blog post last week. Thank you to all who asked question and made such wonderful comments.

He are a few of those questions asked and Brady's answers.


I'm so happy you are writing and sharing with us again. My house needs advice what are some fun things to do at home with two teenage boys?

yes.home great time.very much like to swing.home is good for good movies.pool fun too.yes. come to good home.road good for bikes.


I have a son who is 16. He is sometimes afraid to try new things because he does not want to fail. Do you have any advice that I could give him to try new things?

everyone has real stray.sometimes its very hard to seem more strong than you really are.never be afraid.failure is a sign you tried your best.brady says dont give up.


Brady I'm so glad that you are back!! We at special nation are in the process of getting a new portable building between the two we already have at Redeemer. We hope you will come and try it out! It probably will not be ready for a few weeks. Do you have a suggestion as to some thing you would like to see in it?

big balls for sitting.card games and boardgames.yes carpool to church. car ride with friends.ales.very strong beer.fine.

(I think Brady is getting excited to turn 21 so he can drink beer! This isn't the first time he has mentioned drinking it. Only 3.5 more years to go)


HI Brady, I am so glad that you are back writing on your blog. You inspired me to take a 5 day poetry workshop on line during this pandemic. I have enjoyed trying it. I really like reading your poems. I am so happy that you have a job you enjoy. It is always nice to feel like you are giving to the world in general.

feel so full of dreams. full of inspiration myself.seems like she had it in her the whole time.good luck to you.would love to read your poems too.

Title: Dreams Come.

everyone gets good friends.
Brady has many.
friends are like family.
can hope good for you.
Brady's friends are hopefull.
help me when i feel good or fool.
friends support each other sometimes.
hard kind of life without them.
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2021년 2월 25일

Brady, your poem was so inspiring. I am so glad you’re back. I missed you!

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