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Girls, Dating and Autism

When typing for Brady's blog, sometimes we answer subscriber's questions (Brady's favorite), other times I suggest topics, or sometimes Brady initiates what he wants to type about. Today's post was initiated by Brady.

Due to COVID safety protocols, Brady's school, BridgeHaven Academy, has had to divide up the school into multiple classrooms. Because autism is sometimes unpredictable, the students don't arrive at the same time or stay the entire day. So there are a lot of moving parts to keep the school day moving forward. One thing that had been consistent was that the girls had their own classroom and the boys made up the other classrooms. That was the case until the other day when that decision was reversed so that the young men and women schooled together.

[Note: the typing facilitator's name is Hope]

Did you like being in the other building with your friends?

Yes. It is nice because girls are over there.

It's nice to hang with the girls here and there. Maybe we can start rotating soon and y'all can be with new people.

Good idea Hope.Good mood when I'm around girls.

You don't mind how loud they are?

Not at all.


We loved this glimpse into Brady's mind about girls. During their next typing session, Hope asked Brady to give his thoughts on dating and autism.

We talked about dating and relationships in the autism world, can you elaborate on that?

Dating yes. We have a hard time finding dream relationships because we can't communicate normally. We don't get alone time on good dates because we need facilitators. For me I would like good conversation for my date.

I can see how that could make things uncomfortable having others there on your date. What would be your ideal date be if you went on one?

Something fun like going bowling and cool appointment to go get good food. I would ask her what her favorite food is.

Where do you recommend meeting new people/possible new relationship options?

School, work, places you like to go because you'll have similar interests.

Do you think there are any perks to being in a relationship with someone who is also nonverbal?

Yes, the person will understand my personal life much more.I don't know how to talk very much so not very good at small talk.

When you do find that special lady, would you be comfortable with facilitators going on a date with you, or would you rather alone time together first?

Facilitators first so I can get to know her better. I would like the facilitators off in the distance so we can feel alone.

Do you have any advice for your blog family out there looking for a relationship in the autism world?

Don't feel discouraged. Dream of the perfect relationship friend. It will find you.

Do we need to find you a girlfriend, Brady?


Where should we look first?

Good question.

Brady is no different than any other teenager. He wants a girlfriend, go out on dates, and be accepted. So, we decided to get out there and do more activities where there are guys and girls, like going to the movies with a group of friends.


Title:The girls.
The beautiful contentness of my heart.
Feels nothing like I've known before.
Part of me feels we live two worlds apart.
I'll show kindness and love that's what's in store.
Take a chance. Don't worry if it's smart.
Good chance God will bless us.
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