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Another excited 1st for Brady! Brady 1- Autism 0

Brady recently has expressing his desire to have a girlfriend. With all the exciting things happening with his blog and in his life he worked up the courage to ask out his friend Taylor for a date. ( Brady has given me permission to post this)

This is a conversation (facilitated by myself with Brady and Tori with Taylor)

B:will you have lunch with me?
T: yes please. hamburger.
B:mshack.early next week ?
T: great. yes.

So the past week or so Taylor’s mom Terri and I been trying to sync our calendars to make this happen. This is Taylor’s first date too. Needless to say we are both very excited to make this happen. We finally settled on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday Brady typed with Hope to discuss the date and how to prepare for it.

H-What do you wanna wear on your date tomorrow?
B-some jeans and a nice shirt.
H-do you think youll be hot in jeans?
H-what do you want to get out of this date?
B-really dont know yet.
H-are there any topics you want to talk to her about?
B-yes.very much want to know what she llikes to do.
H-What are some questions that you want to ask her?
B-do you like the beach.whats your favorite food and music.
H-do you want to bring her flowers on the first date?
B-yes.fall flowers.
H-its summer now you will have a hard time finding fall flowers, do you have another choice?
B-yes. dream of sunflowers.
H-how are you feeling about you date tomorrow?
H-do you think if you went on the swing a little before you left you would feel a little better
B-yes.yes.yes. hope she likes me.

Today was the big day! Brady showered, trimmed the beard, picked out an outfit then went to the florist to buy Taylor flowers. Unfortunately, Taylor was very nervous too so she was having rough morning. We decided it was best to get takeout then eat at Taylor’s house. One thing to know about Taylor is that she loves to swim in the pool and hangout in the hot-tub at her parent's house. So, lunch date at a M-Shack turned into a pool date.

Brady giving Taylor the flowers he picked out

Brady and Taylor hanging out in the hot tub!

Saying goodbye after a AWESOME first date!

Before we left, Brady asked Taylor if she would be interested in going on a second date and she said yes!!!

Brady said It was a great first date and he’s excited for their second date this coming Thursday!!! Stay tuned…..

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Rosa Laboda
Jun 28, 2021

This brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure Yaya is very pleased to hear of Brady’s first date. 🥰

Hostage to Silence
Jun 28, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Rosa💗💗

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